Pathways and Journeys

2 min readOct 4, 2023

Life Poetry

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

The Beginning 
The journeys of life

The journeys to become

The journeys to selfhood

The journeys of circumstance and happenstance

The journeys of birth and death

The journeys of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age
The pathways of life

Smooth cruises, paved ways, clear paths and fluid turns

Smooth seas, free highways, oiled rails and unobscured skies

Charted forests, levelled rockways, untangled mangroves and easy mountain trails

The Turn
The doldrums of life

The dreary days

The clashing of seasons

The turbulent times

The enduring darkness

The effervescent joy

The departure of peace

The exit of tranquility
Crooked pathways; Stumbling blocks

Jagged rocks; Thorny meadows

Deadly peaks; Steep hills

Treacherous seas; Dense forests

Desert wastelands; Blighting sandstorms

The Ending
The reminisce of the past

The pangs of regret

The scourge of procastination

The graveyard of ideas and dreams

The sour taste of unfulfillment

The bitter bile of dissatisfaction

The haunting echo of emptiness
Parched land; Cracked earth

Dead trees; Leafless branches

Dry river beds; Empty springs

Fruitless orchards; Uncultivated farmsteads

Ceased waterfalls; frozen lakes

Endless wilderness; Disappeared oasis

The Lesson
The cycles of pathways and Journeys

Of Life and nature's unendung seasons

Of humanity's back and forth journey

Of endless toil, troubles, cares and woes

Sprinkled with joys, rejoicing, celebration and laughter

Remembering that man is of few days and full of trouble

Better therefore to seek meaning and a higher calling

Than fleeting feelings and transient happiness

© Faminu Imabong




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